Orenda Restoration Plan

By The People, For The People


“The intelligent Life Force Energy that flows through everything, connecting all that is.”

It is the energy that effects change in One’s own life and empowers people to change the world in a positive, loving way.”

Iroquois Native Americans and all Original People share this belief.

Global Restoration Plan

Countries Participating

The Integration Solution

People Coming Together

The call has gone out
We multiply our efforts by coming together

135+ Countries with 300+ First Nations

Membership by word of mouth

Example Communities...


Representatives of the Original Peoples from Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, Fiji, Micronesia, Solomon Islands and Hawaii have aligned together under the Global Restoration Plan. The 200 spiritual and tribal leaders of the Fijian islands met recently to agree their sovereignty restoration plan for themselves, their nation and for the world.


A group of 50 Danish farmers, healers and spiritual leaders met over a period of 6 months in 2019 to create a new vision for a society structure where both humans and all other species could succeed and thrive more equally. The vison was called A New Vision for Denmark and is based on a love of complexity and diversity and the creation of a nation which is formed neighbour to neighbour, through individuals and groups and not from a centre


Due to Corona Virus the government rangers who take care of the wild animals in the National Park were given permission to work from home. The youth team from the area gathered together to go into the forest to protect the wild animals, (including rare rhinos), from poachers. They also took care of the environment and secured their livelihoods.

What is emerging…
Is a Restoration Plan
for a New Way of Being Human

By The People

For The People

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing reality obsolete.”

– Buckminster Fuller

When we heal inside

our love grows

Which Strengthens our connection to the All

Tuilomloma Ratu

We are emerging…
From unconscious consumption
To unlocking our potential to Restore All Life


To allow everyone to feel free to contribute
we use a few simple house rules…

Orenda is based on a love of complexity and diversity. Nations are formed neighbour to neighbour, through individuals and groups and not from a centre.
The goal is to safeguard the qualities of any and all.
In Orenda we:

Do no harm to people or the planet
Live in integrity and honesty
Give courtesy, respect, and love for all
Support each other
Consider no one higher or lower than others
Accept no solicitation

We are the ones we've been waiting for

In Our Hands

All the power flows from the people

Powerful Together

We can focus our power together

Nature Will Help

Our greatest ally is waiting patiently

Pure Joy

All basic needs met - everywhere

Join In

If you are a person that wants to make the world a better place with whatever contribution you can make – this is for you.


Note, this is Orenda Global. If you are part of or if you are forming an Assembly please visit lifeforce.cc